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Maurice Andre Plays The Jolivet Trumpet Concerto – 1969

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Rare Footage Of Shostakovich As Soloist In His Concerto For Piano, Trumpet And Strings


Here is some extremely rare film footage of Dmitri Shostakovich as the piano soloist in his own Concerto Opus 35 for Piano, Trumpet and Strings.

Can anyone name the trumpet soloist?

Yes they can! Eminent composer Anthony G. Morris has named the trumpet soloist as the legendary Leonid Yuriev (1913-1971). Mravinsky said of Yuriev, ‘He was the pride of the orchestra. If he were a singer, pianist or violinist he would have been given the highest titles.”


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Timofei Dokshizer Plays Andriasov Trumpet Concerto. Fantastic!

One of the first vinyl LPs I came into possession of was an old recording of the great trumpeter Timofei Dokshizer playing concertos written in the Soviet Era. Everyone knows the Arutunian Concerto but there was also this absolute gem on the album by Iosif Andriasov. I must have worn that record out because I no longer have it in my possession. My old school mate Richard Whilds, who now works at the Bavarian State Opera, bought it for me from a sale old stock at his local library.

Very recently, I was contacted by Arshak, Andriasov’s son and Marta, Andriasov’s widow about the trumpet concerto (a copy of which was sent to me by Arshak) and a book by Marta “Essays on the Music of Iosif Andriasov.”
This book (hardcover copy $30 and PDF version $8.99) is being sold on,

 Dmitry Shostakovich said of Andriasov, “… When the entire world lost a sense of harmony, composer Iosif Andriasov has not only not lost this sense, but added to harmony a new quality.”

Arshak Andriasov, himself a composer of repute, is organising an international competition to help young artists starting out on their careers and also offering recording deals as prizes. Here’s what he wrote to me about it…

Dear Brendan,

I created The 1st International IMMA Records Classical Music Competition.

The Application Deadline is 2015, August 1st.

The purpose of this competition is to not only give cash prizes for extraordinary performances, but also to help advance their careers through means of recording.

The Awards: First Prize $1250 + IMMA Records CD release (30-40 Min). Second Prize $1000 + IMMA Records CD release (20-30 Min). Third Prize $750 + IMMA Records CD release (10-20 Min). Each Accompanist receives $250. There are more rewards on the website.

Entry fee is $60.

15 years and older may apply

This Competition is for Best CD or MP3. The recording that wins the three prizes will be released by IMMA Records.

I have created a flyer for this competition. Would it be possible to post somewhere the flyer and to let people know who would be interested, perhaps yourself included.

The information and application can be read in detail here,

Thank you so much,
Arshak Andriasov

Here is another performance of a solo work for trumpet by Iosif Andriasov. This time with Arshak Andriasov at the piano and Scott Macomber as soloist. The Concertino For Trumpet…

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A Sad Loss…


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Oscar winning Herb Alpert Double…

Here is a double feature from Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. the tunes are Spanish Flea and Tijuana Taxi. This short film, with animation by John Hubley, won an Oscar.


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Urban Farm 9/8/2014 – Today’s Pickings…

Some nice courgettes, runner & French beans, Jalapeno chillies, tomatoes & a cucumber!

Some nice courgettes, runner & French beans, Jalapeno chillies, a couple of peas, tomatoes & a cucumber!

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More Music, Less War!


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Trumpet Humour…


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White Cliff – The Latest Video!

My son is in a great band called White Cliff. All the members are studying at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Here is the latest video released by the band…


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