Redevelopment Of Liverpool Philharmonic Hall latest – 23/7/2014

For those of you who don’t know, Liverpool Philharmonic Hall is currently closed for a major redevelopment and refurbishment. I was cycling past today and had to stop and take a photo as the whole of the back end of the building is now demolished! Work is definitely under way now…


Meanwhile the RLPO will be recording a children’s educational cd tomorrow before being whisked off to Cardiff for two nights at the Welsh Proms at St. David’s Hall. We will play an evening of Russian music and the Last Night Of The Welsh Proms. Next week sees the orchestra appearing at the BBC Proms in London at the Royal Albert Hall. The programme in London will be televised and will include the Festival Prelude and Four Last Songs by Richard Strauss, followed by Elgar’s Second Symphony.

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Urban Farm 2014 – July 22nd – Not Looking Too Bad…




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RLPO Chester Cathedral – 18/07/2014

The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra are currently engaged in a couple of days work in Chester Cathedral playing a little Elgar and Vaughan Williams for the Chester Festival. We have appeared at this lovely event many times over the years. Tonight was our rehearsal with the choir, with James Burton conducting.


The precise repertoire on offer is: Elgar ‘The Spirit Of England’ and ‘Sospiri’; the ‘National Anthem’ by Britten (my favourite arrangement, actually!) and the second half will concern itself with the poignant ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’ by Ralph Vaughan Williams.


Chester Cathedral is right in the heart of Chester’s Medieval district, with narrow winding streets and high town walls. It is spectacularly beautiful! The cathedral is a jewel of architecture.

Of course, Gerald Grosvenor, the current Duke of Westminster, is the UK’s largest landowner and his family seat is in Cheshire. Not only that, Gerald’s predecessors have presided over Chester since coming over from Normandy with William The Conqueror. He sits at the head of an estate that has developed since then, dwarfing even that of Queen Elizabeth The Second! The Grosvenors were installed in Chester to defend England against the Welsh and to this day it is apparently legal to shoot a Welshman, after dark, with a longbow!


Concert tomorrow!!!

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Urban Farm 2014 – 18th July – Peas And French beans…

A good day for peas and French beans!

A good day for peas and French beans!

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Urban Farm 2014 – 18th July – The First Cucumber Of The Season…

I went out to the greenhouse this morning and decided the time had come! With some trepidation and a not altogether steady hand, I took my gardening scissors and cut the first cucumber of the season. It tastes so good! This variety is ‘Burpless Tasty Green’ and it is going to taste amazing later in some yoghurt with a couple of sprigs of apple mint…

Burpless Tasty Green cucumber

Burpless Tasty Green cucumber

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RLPO Brass Ensemble At The International Festival Of Business Conference

Yesterday evening the RLPO Brass Ensemble were representing the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic at the International Festival Of Business Conference, held in Liverpool at the Rum Warehouse this year. After several speeches by very important people, which bigged up the importance of football and the RLPO for international business, we entertained the delegates with music by Bach, Shostakovich and some Gershwin pieces. The prestigious Rum Warehouse is adjoining the very swish Titanic Hotel. Another eminent guest was former Grand National winner Amberleigh House. Beautiful animal!

Grand National winner Amberleigh House at last night's International Business Conference

Grand National winner Amberleigh House at last night’s International Business Conference

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Shostakovich On Duty As A Fireman – Leningrad 1941…


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Urban Farm 2014 – The New Greenhouse Is Thriving! 14th July



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Urban Farm 2014 – Cucumbers, Chillies And Peppers…


As stated in earlier posts, cucumbers are a new experience. I haven’t grown them before but they seem to be thriving in my newly constructed greenhouse. The two varieties I am trying this season are Burpless Tasty Green and Tasty King. Just about ready for picking!

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Urban Farm 2014- Arrival Of The French Or String Beans And Appearance Of The First Runner Beans 14th July…

Today saw the opportunity to pick our first French beans. Only a small handful, but we have to start somewhere! Of, course they will will produce in abundance from now until October. Our American cousins refer to these very tasty vegetables as string beans, hence the use of that word in the title also. unnamed-50By comparison, the runner beans are still tiny at this stage, but on their way nonetheless!

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