Brendan’s Latest Solo Project… NOT JUST A TRUMPET!


This concert will be a first for me. Just me and a trumpet versus the audience. No piano, no organ, no orchestra.

Just me!

It will take place on MONDAY NOVEMBER 23rd, 8pm in the brand new MUSIC ROOM in the recently refurbished Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.The event, entitled ‘Not Just A Trumpet!’, will feature no less than four world premieres from internationally renowned composers as diverse, talented and fascinating as can be. I will also be playing that timeless classic of  the electro-acoustic genre, ‘The Transistor Radio of Saint Narcissus’. The performance will include music with film, music with poetry, music with images, music with scripted narrative, music with pre-recorded brass ensemble, music with pre-recorded ‘tape’ and music with live electro-acoustics. There is also a well stocked bar!

Something for everyone, without exception!


The programme is a very exciting one, including modern music which should have something to suit all tastes.

The Programme…

Nigel Clarke – Magritte Fantasy – World Premiere!

Poems by Martin Westlake

A piece for solo trumpet in 4 movements, inspired by 4 paintings by Belgian surrealist Rene Magritte.

Anthony G. Morris – Weltstadt 2 – World Premiere!

A piece in one movement for solo Morrishorn, electroacoustics and film. This will not only be a world premiere but also the first public performance of a brand new brass instrument – the Morrishorn!


Click Here To View Weltstadt 2 Trailer

Ailis Ni Riain – TREASURED : Concert Suite – World Premiere!

Words & Music by Ailis Ni Riain

For solo trumpet and flugelhorn – including pre-recorded brass ensemble from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

Watch A Video Of TREASURED Here

Timothy Jackson – Mari’s Tango – World Premiere!

For solo flugelhorn and electroacoustics.

Tim Souster – The Transistor Radio of Saint Narcissus

For Solo Flugelhorn, ‘tape’ and live electro-acoustics.


It would be great to see as many as possible there in just over four weeks time – Monday 23rd November 2015.

Live Electroacoustics – David Pigott & David Chin

Tickets (There are a few left!) can be obtained from the Liverpool Philharmonic Box Office by phoning 0151 709 3789 or by booking on line at LIVERPOOLPHIL.COM 


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Great Footage Of Besses o’th’ Barn Band…

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Musical Humour…


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The Way Of Things…


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RLPO Tour To Romania – 2015 – Blog 4


It was yet more glorious weather on the day of our second and final appearance in Bucharest for the 2015 visit to Romania. The RLPO were free until 2.30pm so yet another day of exploring was in store for many.unnamed-2

The churches really are spectacular and worth a visit, even for the non-religious such as myself. They are true works of art and are so numerous. A lot of Romanians appear to be very devout and I saw many lying prostrate, praying on the church floors.unnamed-3

The pastry shops and bakeries are worthy of note too. The Romanians appear to go to great lengths to present everything as perfectly and spectacularly as possible. The tourism industry is booming here, which is no surprise.unnamed-9

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RLPO Tour To Romania – 2015 – Blog 3


The RLPO toured Japan recently. Whilst there we had the luxury of playing several concerts in the afternoon, rather than the evening. This gives the musicians the evening off to explore all the sights and sounds etc. Normally, as here in Bucharest, our concerts are in the evening, so the free part of the day is in the morning. Of course, when having a good look around, we can see better in the morning. Also, for those who like a bit of night life (and a good lie in!), the many bars and restaurants are open well into the early hours of the morning.unnamed-6

We generally like to wander around nearby to the hotel and venue, with some wandering a little further afar, time willing. The food here is great! It is so well presented too. It rminds me a little of Germanic, Czech type of foods with a lot of grilled, roasted meats and hearty meat, bean stews and I also came across plenty of dumplings. Prices are very reasonable too. Bang goes the pre-tour diet!unnamed-6

This is Chris Morley, of the French horn section. Chris is a keen brass bandsman and is often pictured on tour in his Greenalls Brass Band t-shirt. Here he is on the steps of his new club, in Bucharest!unnamed-5

We had a late lunch. I enjoyed this terrific entrecote steak, with rosemary potatoes and salad. I can still taste it now!

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Here we go again – The latest installments of the intrepid, international travels of the RLPO! The oldest professional symphony orchestra in the British Isles – celebrating 175 years of first class music making this year.

Our welcome in Bucharest.

Our welcome in Bucharest.

The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra is enjoying a healthy amount of international touring these days. During the last year we have travelled to China, Japan, Czech Republic and as of yesterday evening, Bucharest in Romania.


The famous old beer hall in Bucharest – Caru ce bere.

Our first day here was a travel day and as such did not involve any orchestra work. Continue reading


RLPO Tour to Romania – 2015 – Blog 1

The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra is going on it’s travels once more. This time we are revisiting Romania again. We last toured to Bucharest in 2011 to participate in the prestigious Enescu Festival. As last time, we will be following the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra; an august ensemble who are almost as old as the RLPO!

Last time, the visit to Bucharest coincided with our tour to Prague. However, we have already visited the Czech Republic this year so we doing a quick commando raid to Bucharest alone, for four days.

We set off at six in the morning and, if last time is anything to go by, it should be a wonderful trip. I’m not sure I can get my head around trying Carpathian Bear on the menu but the temperature is about 37 degrees.

Just to wet regular readers’ appetites and to instigate the tour blog, I thought I would post the blogs from the last trip so you can get a flavour of what is in store…

Wish us luck!


Blog 1) Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra Romania/Czech Republic Tour Sep 2011

Blog 2) Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra Romania/Czech Republic Tour Sep 2011

Blog 3) Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra Romania/Czech Tour Sep 2011

‘Petrenkomania’ hits Bucharest! Blog 4) ‘ Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra Romania/Czech Tour 2011


Musical Humour…


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At Last, The Perfect Mouthpiece!


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Double Bass Humour…


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