Brass Section of the RLPO

French conductor, Yan Pascal Tortelier declared his greatest regret in music to an interview in The Guardian newspaper, “…Asking the Brass section of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra to come in my face!” Perhaps just asking us to play louder would have been sufficient.

The Trumpet Section

Rhys Owens[far right]: Paul Marsden: Brendan Ball

Trumpet Section rehearsing Richard Strauss’ ‘Don Juan’

The lineage of trumpeters from which Rhys and Brendan decsend goes directly all the way back to Thomas Harper Snr, G.F. Handel’s famous Trumpeter. Sadly, Paul had trumpet lessons on the other side of the park.

The Proud History of the RLPO Trumpet Section

French Horns

RLPO 2nd horn Martin Taggart explained difficulty reading the way his music was printed as being the reason for his errant performance. Norman Del Mar, the conductor, and in a former chosen profession Dennis Brain’s 2nd horn in the Philharmonia sympathised, “…Yes, yes. I see the problem. Alas, it is your problem!.”

Tim Jackson: Simon Griffifths: David Pigott: Tim Nicholson: Chris Morley

The Lads with CBBC’s Dave Benson Phillips

Distinguished Czech conductor Libor Pesek pondered his score. “Colleagues, I see the problem. It is the F in Horn.”

The Wagner Tuba section


Wagner Tubas rehearsing Bruckner’s 7th Symphony

The Trombones

Simon Cowen [Near left]: Blyth Lindsay: Simon Chappell

“Never look at the trombones, it only encourages them.” Richard Strauss

The Boys having a blow through Bruckner’s 7th Symphony

“Remember, the trombone is your natural enemy.” Michael Laird


Robin also works extensively in Education

Robin Haggart

Latest News, Additions & Updates about The RLPO Brass

Website of the RLPO

4 Responses to Brass Section of the RLPO

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  3. Yvonne West says:

    The Yan Pascal Tortelier quote is an absolute classic !

  4. Peter Biddlecombe says:

    A trombonist writes …

    What R Strauss actually said: Never look encouragingly at the brass, except with a short glance to give an important cue.

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