5/6/2010 Bees & the Urban Farm

Morning off today, so had a little lie in! I took Scooby down to St James’ gardens adjacent to the Anglican Cathedral. Bumped into Robin Riley down there, the Chairman of ‘The Friends of St. James’. He informed me that the gardens up on St. James Mount are the oldest gardens in Liverpool. Wonderful scenery and view. Anybody who can must go there!
Even though I’m not working, I paid a visit to the Phil to get Ian the “Techie’ to realign my motorcycle headlamp for me, to get the old dear through her M.O.T. this week. That done and four pints put in the pump for him in the Belvedere, for his pains, and back home to check on the ‘urban farm’.
Nothing to do in the garden just now. I only have three cucumber plants left; just as well I have seeded more. ‘Femspot’ and ‘Marketmore’ have performed poorly, so I will have to see how I get on with ‘Telegraph Improved.’ I also had a problem with last years chilli plants coming back to life, so I have a variety of ready sown & grown replacements for those to go in once this blazing heat has abated later. I am still marvelling at all the insects busying themselves out in the garden and have slipped in a couple more shots of bees, for your enjoyment.

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