Join us on the official tour blog!

Hello everyone, my name is Ella and I work at the Liverpool Philharmonic with Brendan. I just wanted to let you know about the official Liverpool Philharmonic on Tour blog. As well as Brendan’s fabulous tour blogs, which he’s very kindly allowed us to reproduce, we’ll also include updates and links to other info about the tour. Hope you’ll join us over on the Tour blog and see you at a concert soon!

About liverpoolphilharmonic

Marketing Officer for the Liverpool Philharmonic - The world class Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and the grade II listed live music venue, Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. Visit our website or find us on twitter as @liverpoolphil
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1 Response to Join us on the official tour blog!

  1. Joe Connell from Crosby says:

    Sorry I did mnot make this trip,after Hamburg in 2008, The USA in earlier years, the
    Far East also. I did make Constance in March this year but took a while to recover from the coach trip on return

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