Container gardening 17/4/2011

Having two mainly paved gardens, to grow enough produce I have found it necessary to use containers, such as large plant pots to place on the paving. There are certain advantages to this. The produce is contained in manageable portions. It is made a little harder for slugs and snails: non toxic slug pellets can be scattered around the pots without touching the produce. The produce is portable. The produce is separated so it doesn’t encroach onto other crops: mint works well in a pot for this reason.

Brendans potato crop

The ‘container’ crops I have chosen for this year are potatoes, tomatoes, squashes/pumpkins, assorted herbs and flowers.

The tomato crop and seed shelves

Tomatoes grow well in pots of about twelve  inches in depth. I have found they like the extra leg room compared to grow bags. I always plant tomatoes a few inches deeper than the seedling pots as the buried stem of the plant sprouts more roots and grounds the plant better.

The floral front yard

Always make sure your pots have holes in the bottom for drainage and something in the bottom for drainage; I have used a little broken roof tile to stop the holes blocking up. Any excess water can then escape.

Old window boxes work well

I have filled the pots to an inch below the rim with well fed top soil, mixed with well rotted compost. Of course, hanging baskets are also very popular and effective ways of container gardening: Prepare them the same as ‘ground’ pots.

The pumpkin ands squash nursery

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