Hanging Baskets 17/4/2011

Hanging baskets are an attractive way of using containers to grow where there isn’t space on the ground. It is also an excellent way of keeping crops away from slugs and other harmful ‘critters.’

Hanging baskets are an efficient and attractive way of using space

 I have used bin bags as a cheap way of lining my hanging baskets. I have used some broken concrete roof tile to act as drainage. I used some left over top soil to fill the baskets and some organic feed in the soil before planting. I have also punched some holes in the bin liners to let out any excess water. I have planted one straberry plant and at least one tumbling tomato plant in each basket. To help with pollenation and just for aesthetics,I have put flowers in each basket too. I have used loebelia, marigold, petunia, geranium, impatiens, verbona etc for this purpose.

Strawberries, tomatoes and trailing flowers in the baskets

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