Scooby the singing dog!

Scooby likes to accompany his master, each morning, during the trumpet warm-up! I’ve had to put up with this for years. You’ll have to excuse me laughing as I try to play and film at the same time!

Note how he changes key when I do. I’ve been goaded into posting this on here. Quite a lot of friends seem to like this…

Scooby is currently recuperating from a rather serious operation to re-attach his cruciate ligaments to his rear left knee. He had the operation in May but it was not successful and has had to be repeated on the 15th September. He is still limping around, and feeling sorry for himself, but I am assured that he will make a full recovery after several months of rehabilitation.

Scooby & Brendan in The Bevedere

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3 Responses to Scooby the singing dog!

  1. Barbara Jubb says:

    I love it, he clearly has a good ear!

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