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Out with the Old – In with the New

The very last harvest from last year’s potato crop. Charlotte and Rooster spuds!

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Ales From The Crypt!

Well… It’s a living!

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Legendary Orchestra story

Two old clarinet players in one of the London symphony orchestras hadn’t spoken to each other for years, despite sitting next to each other on a daily basis. One day, one of the clarinetists turned up wearing a wig. At … Continue reading

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Legendary Trumpet Story

Conversation between the BBC Northern Orchestra and The London Symphony 1977: The legendary John Gracie said to the legendary Maurice Murphy, “… How are you getting on with the LSO, Maurice?” “Oh, alright John… some film with a big bear … Continue reading

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Maurice Andre

The King of the Trumpet has died. Rest in peace, Maurice Andre May 21st 1933 – February 25 2012. The greatest trumpeter of all. Simply the best!

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The Offstage Trumpeter

One of the various jobs I am asked to perform as an orchestral trumpet player is that of the offstage trumpeter. Usually, the composer wants the effect of a lone trumpet, far away in the distance. It is a task … Continue reading

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