Trumpet equipment

The equipment I use on stage is pretty standard fair. Those who know me, will verify that I own quite a lot of trumpets, mouthpieces and mutes etc. I will probably continue to add to my collection forever…

I do tend to stick to the same trusty old faithfuls, when on stage though. I use a standard Vincent Bach Stradivarius Bb Trumpet. It’s a medium large with a 37 bell, finished in gold lacquer. I’m currently using a Warburton 3MD mouthpiece, with a 9 bacbore, with this trumpet, but I do switch to a Bach 1C, Bach 1 & a quarter C and a Warburton 3D with a 9 backbore sometimes.

I use a  4-valve Schilke E3L4 Eb trumpet with a Martin Lechner NF2 Bell for quite a lot of first work in the RLPO. I like the Warburton 3MD/9bacbore & the 3D/9 backbore with this trumpet.

My Cornet is a Vincent Bach Large bore with a red brass bell. I use a Bach 1C cornet mouthpiece with this American made British style cornet.

My Piccolo is a Schilke P.4, pitched in Bb and A. I have an unusual Bach 1 and a half C mouthpiece. It has a British style short shank on it. I have never seen another.

I do have a lot of other trumpets but I use the above for the majority of employed work. My C is a new Yamaha Xeno Chicago Large Artist Model. I am currently using a Bach 1c mouthpiece with this instrument

About brendanball

Professional Trumpeter: Soloist, Orchestra Player, Chamber Music, Contemporary Music & Education.
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