Liverpool Georgian Quarter & Cathedral Area

What a beautiful day in Liverpool. I thought I’d go for a bike ride around Liverpool’s impressive Georgian Quarter and Cathedral Area. Scooby enjoys running alongside. The pictures speak for themselves!

Georgian Church, St Bride’s, Liverpool

Whilst travelling with the RLPO, Scooby stays with my old next door neighbour, Richie Guiness. This is the view the dog enjoys, all day, from Richie’s appartment.

Percy Street

On the other side of St Bride’s is the lovely architecture of Percy Street.

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

Just past Percy Street we encounter the awe inspiring sight of Liverpool ‘Anglican’ Cathedral. Magnificent!

The ‘oldest garden in Liverpool’ – St James’ Mount

Around the back of the ‘Anglican’ is the beautiful and secluded ‘St. James’ Mount.’ This area is reputedly the oldest garden in Liverpool. I’m sorry about this photo; I hadn’t noticed Scooby ‘cocking his leg’ as I took the picture!

St James’ Gardens

Below St. James’ Mount are the wonderful gardens formed out of a former quarry and former cemetery, St James’ Gardens.

St James’ Gardens

The gardens still contain several graves, some very important ones historically, a spring said to prolong life and the well known Husskisson Memorial.

Promenade Approach – St James’ Gardens

The steep sides of the quarry have what have become known as the promenade approaches; used for funeral processions. They are lined with former catacombs.

Wow! Big Building!

The sight of the cathedral is awesome from every vantage point, but seems particularly immense close-up.

St James’ Gardens – view of Gambier Terrace

This city centre park always seems to be Quiet. There are so many things to see, but I always enjoy this view of Gambier Terrace.

View of the Oratory – St James’ Gardens

A nice view of  The Oratory overlooking remaining tombstones.

The Oratory – Tracy Emin’s £60K sparrow on a stick!

The view of the Oratory from it’s front. I am always amused by Tracy Emin’s sparrow on a stick, reputedly worth in excess of sixty thousand ponds.

Close up of Tracy Emin’s sparrow on a stick – I have tied Scooby up to it many a time.

The Oratory was closed today, but I find the interior of this building a fascinating experience. I was in there recently to see an art installation, and took great pleasure in tying Scooby up to Tracy’s bird whilst I went inside.

The ‘Anglican’

Another aspect of the ‘Anglican’. This view has ‘Hope Street’ behind me.

The ‘Catholic’ – Paddy’s Wigwam

Turning round, I’m able to see the Catholic Cathedral of Christ The King, at the far end of Hope Street. The ‘Lutyens Dome’ has enabled the witty local populace to refer to it as ‘Paddy’s Wigwam.’

Canning Street

Scooby and I are on Canning Street now, one of my favourite roads in Liverpool.

Canning Street

Beautiful early Victorian houses leading to our next inner city public park.

The only building in the Georgian Quarter the Germans bombed – yes…

Towards the far end of Canning Street we pass one of the few ‘modern’ buildings here. Sadly, the only building to be bombed in the Georgian Quarter was the German Church. Irony aside, this quaint little garden, overgrowing the Kirche, is strangely fitting here.

Falkner Square

Falkner Square, formerly known as Falkner’s folly, is another hidden gem in this area. Spectacular fauna.

Falkner Square

Another view in Falkner Square

Hot Dog!

After a good run in the sunshine, this dog is getting a bit tired. He’ll be 11 years old next week. How time flies!

Tail too fast for this HDR iPhone!

Still happy though…

Dog & Stick

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