A national disgrace in Australia!

I was just sent this latest terrible news from ‘Slipped Disk‘ by Norman Lebrecht…

Australia’s capital is ‘finished as a music school’

June 15, 2012 By  Leave a Comment

The Australian National University last night backed Vice-Chancellor Ian Young’s determination to end instrument teaching at its music school. The move has been condemned by the state parliament, protested by students and criticised by the school’s international partners. The head of the school has fled the country. It was strongly argued that sacking the music teachers would denude Canberra of performing musicians, making it the world’s quietest national capital (if it is not that already).

However, there’s nothing so sheepish or deaf to reason as a cornered herd of academic administrators and the decision was duly reconfirmed last night. An eminent professor at the school told Slipped Disc:  ’This place is finished as a music school for performance.’

Here’s a local ABC report.

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