The RLPO Platform Managers

Three wise monkeys

Three wise monkeys

These three guys are all very much unsung heroes of the Royalo Philharmonic Orchestra. They put out the stands, music, lights, set the stage, conductors rostrum, all the percussion gear, move the pianos on and off, drive the RLPO lorry, load the lorry, unload the lorry…

They are pictured enjoying their Christmas night out in Belvedere by Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. On the left is Ian Doran, the team manager. He is affectionately known amongst the orchestra as Ian van Driver (father to mini-van Driver!). On the right is Ian’s assistant platform manager, Alan Scollins. In the middle of the trio is the one who has recently left our big happy family, Michael Thomas Leonce Pace-Sigge, known as German Michael for short. Michael worked for us for years, whilst he was a lecturer at Liverpool University. Sadly, he recently left to take up a fantastic post at Helsinki University, where he is teaching English. Bizarrely, the teacher in the next room to Dr. Pace-Sigge, in his new post, is a Liverpudlian teaching German to the Finns…

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