Digital Trumpet

Here is a nifty plug for the Yamaha Corporation. Look at this amazing Digital Trumpet they have. It works too. I saw the incredible trumpeter James Morrison at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London playing one of these in between his set on the normal trumpet and the trombone. I wouldn’t mind one of these…

The EZ-TP Electronic Teaching Trumpet from Yamaha is now available only in Japan! This is the digital way to learn the trumpet, but also to share and save your MIDI-produced songs with your computer.

EZ TP Electronic Trumpet by Yamaha The EZ-TP trumpet is designed to react to your humming, not mouth positions, so you can effectively play the instrument by making the proper tones yourself. To learn fingering, the Lighted Teaching System teaches the proper way. Need music? You can download songs online and load them onto the EZ-TP with the supplied MIDI cable.

EZ TP Electronic Trumpet by Yamaha

Here’s the demo video…

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