Keep Music Live – help Laura King save her live music venue

I just signed the petition “Pledge your support to save the Caledonia campaign.” on What was s rubbish pub, by Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, taken over by Laura and turned round into a successful community pub with great beer and a great live music venue with a real buzz. Now under threat from unscrupulous property developers, leaving Laura not only jobless but homeless. This really matters. Please sign the petition. - Start, Join, and Win Campaigns for Change

This is how the press, Liverpool City Council and CAMRA (campaign for real ale) have reacted – read the article from Liverpool Echo…

Liverpool Council joins fight to save The Caledonia

By Steve GravesApr 30 2013Comments (8)

LIVERPOOL Council bosses have stepped into the fight to save historic city pub The Caledonia from being turned into student flats.

They are investigating whether the Caledonia, which has stood in Catharine Street since 1890, could be classified as an “asset of community value” (ACV) which could block the sale to developers.

If the status were granted, a community consortium of people who want to keep the premises open as a pub could halt, and certainly postpone, any sale.

But city leaders who do not wish to see the pub lost said it would be a race against time to get the ACV status before the deal is done.

It is understood that Admiral Taverns, which owns the pub, is looking to sell in order that the building can become student accommodation.

But while Marcus Worthington Properties (MWP) is responsible for the development both next door and behind ‘The Cali’, the identity of the potential buyer remains a mystery as MWP deny they have any interest in the building.

It is understood that while the agreement to sell the pub – which was not up for sale – has been made between the owner and the unnamed buyer, the deal cannot legally be made until the end of May because landlady Laura King must be given 28 days notice before being made homeless.

She said she has already raised the 21 signatures needed for the application for ACV status.

CAMRA pledge to help save Liverpool’s Caledonia
by Kate Forrester, Liverpool EchoApr 29 2013
MEMBERS of Liverpool’s Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) group today vowed to do all they could to help a pub threatened with closure.

The Caledonia in Catharine Street is set to close its doors on May 26, leaving landlady Laura King homeless. A deal was agreed between owners Admiral Taverns and a mystery buyer despite the pub not being up for sale beforehand, after the company decided the pub no longer “fitted criteria for ownership”.

Today Camra Liverpool and district chairman Geoff Edwards said they would do what they could to help.

He added: “All of us were shocked at the announcement of the sudden closure of the Caledonia. Camra deplores this sale.”

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