Visit to Tate Liverpool – Marc Chagall


The Soldier Drinks – 1912

I had been anticipating the Tate Liverpool’s ‘Marc Chagall – Modern Master’ exhibition for quite some time. I like to spend a fair amount of time in The Tate anyway, but I’ll be recording a piece for trumpet & organ later in the year, by Petr Eben, dedicated to Chagall’s beautiful stained glass windows in Jerusalem.


I And The Village – 1911

There would be none of his famous windows on display here, of course, they are still all in place in their buildings around the world. Yesterday, we went to see what was on offer. We were spoiled by 60 paintings and plenty of drawings on display. The exhibition is running until October 6th alongside a parallel exhibition of Chagall’s work on display at the Jewish Museum in Manchester.


Jew In Red – 1915

I would recommend the experience to anyone. It is fabulous!


Bella And Ida At The Table – 1915

I was especially captivated by this image of Tefye The Milkman, a regular subject for Chagall, the paintings of which inspired the musical Fiddler On The Roof.


Music – 1920 – Tefye The Milkman

Also on display was one of my favourites, ‘Lovers In Blue’. I just adore the way their bodies appear as one, their mouths as one and their heads appear to take on the shape of a heart.


Lovers In Blue – 1914

Marc Chagall – Modern Master


Homage to Appollinaire – 1915

It was Picasso, who said of Chagall, “… Once Mattisse goes, there is only Chagall who understands colour.”


Always a pleasure to see the ‘Duckbus’ splash down outside!

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