John Suchet Joins The RLPO Superorchestra!

All photographs by the fabulous Mark McNulty – visit his magnificent blog for a different take on events here…

Well it has finally happened. After months of speculation, practice and trombone lessons, John Suchet, the eloquent voice of Classic fm in the mornings has made his concert debut as a member of the RLPO, along with so many enthusiastic amateur musicians.


Here’s John in the orchestra

The Superorchestra is an annual event, hosted by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society, to include as many amateur musicians sitting in with the RLPO as possible. John Suchet is no stranger to our audiences as a regular presenter but this time he would be making his debut with us after having a break from his trombone for well over a quarter of a century!


John Suchet with RLPO Principal Trombone Simon Cowen

John has been taking lessons to get him ready for the performance, from RLPO trombone section leader, Simon Cowen. Simon has been travelling down to the new Classic fm studios in Leicester Square, London, to attend to John’s trombone playing personally and to make sure he was in great shape for the event.


John Suchet with his mates in the RLPO Brass Section

It was last Xmas that John was having a couple of drinks with the RLPO Brass Section, when we proposed that he should join us for the Superorchestra event. Needless to say, he was delighted, and after having his faithful old ‘bone’ serviced at Phil Parker Ltd, began practicing in earnest for the event.

John taking his well deserved applause.

John taking his well deserved applause.

Classic fm listeners have been kept abreast of his progress regularly, as John has been unable to contain his enthusiasm on the air waves. Asked what he thought about the event, John said he couldn’t wait for next year’s Superorchestra event!

For links and more on how John Suchet joined the RLPO Click Here!

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