Battle Scene – Philips Wouwerman 1649


Thanks to Richard Sowden for naming this painting (see comment section below). He was also able to specify that the trumpet is paired with a Vincent Back 1&1/4c mouthpiece! 😉

That Most Dangerous Profession That Is Trumpet Playing

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5 Responses to Battle Scene – Philips Wouwerman 1649

  1. Dwight Powell says:

    I don’t know Brendan, but I recently found out from my father that a long ago great, great, great grandfather was a bugler in the Boer War who was decorated by the Queen of the time and while at Buckingham Palace spotted a gypsy laundry woman resulting in marriage and on and on..I believe his surname was Courtney?? So maybe I’ve gypsy and brass in my blood? My father is not too clear of the details but it’s a kind of romantic notion from a brass player point of view..


  2. Stephen Wick says:

    Lovely painting! It looks to be in the style of Rubens, but I have never seen the original. I’m pretty sure it is 17C Dutch, anyway. Don’t know if that helps at all.

  3. Could it be Spanish? Looks like a Velazquez, but Google isn’t coming up with a match…

  4. It is a detail from: oil on panel, c. 1646, Dutch
    Philips Wouwerman (1619 – 1668)
    Battle Scene
    Mouthpiece looks like a 1 1/4C

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