The Fruits of Labour

Everything on the urban farm has been a little late coming this year. I have had an abundance of strawberries and the herbs have done very well, to be fair. We are nearing the end of July now so I have been enjoying plenty of courgettes, chard, peas and raddish.


The tomatoes are now ripening and looking plentiful. I have some vine varieties and bush types. A mixture of sizes, some red, some yellow and a few plum ones. Today are the very first pickings – so, only a few little ones today!


The other good news today are the very first sweet peas! One of my favourite flowers, both for aesthetics and fragrance. They are great in a vase on the dining room table and bees seem to admire them greatly outside. I can’t think of anything to be said about them, except they are not edible. the sweet peas are a month later than expected, for reasons known only to themselves, but have appeared now!

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