The Summer Harvest begins in earnest…

Well, things are really happening down on the Urban Farm. It’s August, the weather is great and our produce is plentiful. Take a look at this selection of potatoes. This vegetable is cheap in the supermarkets but those don’t taste anywhere near the same is fresh spuds. In today’s picking we have Charlotte, Rooster and the much admired and sought after Pink Fir Apple, an old fashioned variety.


I’m growing two varieties of courgette this year, Ambassador and All Green Bush. Yes, they do actually taste different to each when fresh! I think it may also be worth mentioning that the superior taste of a fresh courgette makes growing them at home worthwhile.


August is also the time of year when that close relative of the potato, the tomato, begins to produce a nice abundant crop. I’m growing a varied selection of sizes, shapes and colours this year…


Today’s tomato pickings

Everything photographed are grown in containers in my paved back yard.

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1 Response to The Summer Harvest begins in earnest…

  1. Food and Music. Or should it be Music and Food? Either way… bliss. Thanks for sharing!

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