Liverpool Philharmonic Hall Capital Refurbishment Project

To keep Liverpool Philharmonic Hall up to the standards required of a modern concert venue is going to cost about £12.5 million quid. Our wonderful art deco concert room is in need of a new stage, new recital/function room, the front of house concert-going experience needs updating and anyone who has been on a back stage tour will tell you, the office space and changing facilities etc are wholly inadequate. So far, we are proud to announce that we have raised over 90% of our fund!

Yesterday, we began the final push for the last million or so with an event hosted for potential sponsors. Initial hopes were for about five hundred people to attend but all expectations were exceeded with a packed house and every ticket ‘sold’ well in advance. The agenda was to include speeches by the Chief Executive Michael Eakin, Chief Conductor Vasily Petrenko, a film about all the proposed redevelopments of Liverpool Philharmonic Hall including the architects vision, on our unique Walturdaw Cinema Screen. The events were concluded by a concert from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Brass Ensemble. The programme included works by Shostakovich, Bach and Gershwin, with arrangements by Principal Horn Tim Jackson, Amos Miller & Niall Keatley.


The audience of potential investors, donors, gift-aiders and people with an interest in the future of our organisation all gathered afterwards in our front of house bars for champagne and canapes provided for their delectation and mingled with our executive, Vasily Petrenko and the brass section. From the comments given by a very appreciative public I don’t think it will be too long before we reach our final financial target. The support from the people of Liverpool for it’s Royal Liverpool Philharmonic is simply overwhelming some times. So were all the favourable comments for the performance by members of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Brass Ensemble.

Actually, it was also very encouraging to receive so many compliments about this blog, too. I had no idea it was so popular!

The refurbishment is to take place next year during the summer of the 75th year of the opening of the ‘new’ Liverpool Philharmonic Hall and will be completed at the start of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra’s 175th consecutive season.



The Refurbishment on the Philharmonic website

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4 Responses to Liverpool Philharmonic Hall Capital Refurbishment Project

  1. Brian Melling says:

    Exciting and positive news Am about to experience Bryn Terfel in Tosca this afternoon.Liverpool on the march again.

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