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Breaking: Pianist will NOT go to jail for noise pollution

November 16, 2013 by  1 Comment

Popular media have been running a scare story that a Spanish pianist ‘might’ go to jail for inflicting noise pollution on a neighbour with excessive practising.

At today’s court session in Gerona, the prosecution lowered its sentence demand from 7 1/2 years to 20 months. Since Laia Martin has no previous criminal record, she cannot go to jail under Spanish law if the sentence is less than two years – even if she is convicted of the offence.

The court has retired to consider its verdict. Read an account in El Pais, just in.

End of story.

pianist jail

BBC News…

Spanish pianist faces jail over noise pollution claims

Pianist Laia Martin in court in Girona, Spain (15 Nov. 2013)The pianist and her parents say they did try to soundproof the room

Musician Laia Martin is on trial in Girona after her family’s downstairs neighbour, Sonia Bosom, accused her of causing psychological harm.

Prosecutors are also demanding that the 27-year-old be banned from professional piano playing for six months.

A verdict is expected within two weeks.

Ms Martin’s parents are also being sued and face a fine if found guilty.

Ms Bosom alleges that the pianist – a conservatoire student at the time – practised her piano for eight hours, five days a week from 2003-2007.

‘Piano horror’The alleged victim said she now has such a horror of pianos, she cannot stand even seeing them in films, reports say.

Ms Bosom’s lawyer said she had endured “four years of suffering,” the Associated Press news agency reports.

In their defence, the Martin family said they had tried to soundproof the room, and that the practice had not been as constant as claimed.

The public prosecutor had initially sought a jail term of over seven years for Ms Martin.

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