The Munich Opera Horn Section & Friends…

All the music arranged and written by the composer, my old school pal, Richard Whilds…

Munich Opera Horn & Friends:
An evening of musical bliss

20th November 2013
(Photo: Marcus sleep)

Munich Opera horn. Photo: Marcus Sleep

Do you know this old, something common musician joke, asking if you have then, as it is called also horn? – The Glücksspirale. And you know what? This joke you can forget when you have heard the horn of the Bavarian State Orchestra. The seven men and two women have come together as a chamber music formation, and just released her first album “Fan Faire” under the obvious name of the ensemble “Munich Opera Horns”.

In Münchner Künstlerhaus am Lenbachplatz they now presented for the first time their new full-length concert program “Munich Opera Horns & Friends” to which they had invited a number of musical friends: guitarist Klaus Jaeckle, the singer Heike Grötzinger, the percussionist Claudio Estay Gonzalez and Tim Collins on vibraphone. The latter stands out from the “friends” especially out. Its written for the occupation horns vibraphone percussion composition “Butterflies” is one of the program highlights: a sea colorful tones that can be thrown up to, iridescent butterfly swarm plastic.

Apart from this work are all concept and arrangements by Richard Whilds. The British composer and conductor in State opera circles also not unknown. His colleagues at the State Orchestra, he has the arrangements apparently written on the body, so that they can show all the facets that give away their instruments as follows: As echoes of a little big band, the horns are jazz trumpets in terms of snotty-cool sound you are listening to . Since a lot of film music is, in proving the Munich Opera horn their rhythmic conciseness, its impressive agility and her knack for different moods – great cinema: Whilds arrangements of Hollywood soundtracks such as “The Magnificant Seven,” “Breakfast at Tiffanys” or John Williams “ET”.

For classical purist’s also an adaptation of Mozart’s Horn Concerto – here the horn section replaces even the whole orchestra and John Dengler with his hauntingly beautiful horn sound worthy soloist. In Medley “Tribute to Harold Arlen” the rich and silky horn sounds but eventually flow to the heart, at the latest when the first notes of “Somewhere over the rainbow” sound. This also works because Whilds arrangements are never cheesy or chumming.

This is light music in a very high level. An excellent musician ranks, which also seems to have a lot of fun on stage. Because of Glücksspirale: All it takes for an evening musical happiness is this horn section.

Anna Novak

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