Christian Lindberg – RLPO Artist-In-Residence 2014

image‘Lindberg provided a thrilling conclusion to Nielsen’s Helios Overture. Only a Scandinavian could be so determined to make the most out of the daylight while it lasts.’
The Guardian

Christian Lindberg has worked with practically every major orchestra and conductor in the world today. For a trombonist to achieve all this before turning 50 is, to say the least, remarkable.

He now combines his position as Chief Conductor of the Arctic Symphony Orchestra with guest conducting the foremost international orchestras and working on composition commissions from international orchestras, ensembles and instrumentalists. Following his previous exhilarating performances in Liverpool, he returns this year as an Artist in Residence.

As Sweden’s most flamboyant conductor, composer, trombone virtuoso and all-round musical show-stepper we expect his residency to be one of the highlights of the 2013/14 season. While he’s in Liverpool he’ll be working with a number of our ensembles from the Orchestra and the Youth Orchestra to Ensemble 10/10 as well as performing a chamber recital at St George’s Hall Concert Room.


Christian Lindberg – “… Narcissus would have LOVED things in our century, the selfies in particular! Having a FANTASTIC time with the PHENOMENAL ROYAL LIVERPOOL PHILHARMONIC! A relaxed, virtuosic, wonderful, responsive and extremely fast orchestra! A dream for ANY conductor!!!” 


Tuesday 18 March 2014 7:30 pm
The Epstein Theatre

Stravinsky Octet 
Jan Sandström Wahlberg Variations
Lars Hollmer arr. Jarle G. Storløkken ‘Eyeliner’ Suite World Premiere
Christian Lindberg Kundraan’s Karma
Patrick Jones Unfurl World Premiere*

Christian Lindberg director/trombone

* From composer on the Sound and Music Portfolio scheme

Christian Lindberg

Stravinsky wondered about rewriting Mozart… and then one night he had a dream. The Octet that resulted doesn’t sound much like Mozart, but then, Jan Sandstrom’s Wahlberg Variations don’t sound much like car crashes or apes either. And if Stravinsky was at the back of Christian Lindberg’s mind when he cooked up the devilish delights of his extraordinary Kundraan’s Karma, he’s not telling. After all, inspiration comes in many forms (and Lars Hollmer’s came from Swedish folk and rock music), when the most brilliant minds in modern music are quite simply having the time of their lives – and Lindberg himself is gleefully conducting, tromboning and storytelling? Total anarchy, under total control, breaks out.


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