The Urban Farm 2014 – May – THE NEW GREENHOUSE !


Things are really starting to happen in my back yard at this time of year.


I have prepared my vegetable bed…unnamed-8All seeds are sewn, sprouting and all ‘baby’ plants are hardened off and planted out.


What a sight!

Other than weeding, taking care of garden ‘hygiene’ and watching things grow, I decided that it was time to pull down my tired wreck of a green house and replace it with something far more substantial…

New beginnings!

New beginnings!

I had been planning for this task for quite some time. A new, larger lean-to greenhouse had been years over due. So, I cleared  the old trustee unit and ordered my wood (you can buy pretreated wood – it is called tanalised wood) and new fangled polycarbonate panes instead of old fashioned glass.


I built the frame, studs, noggins etc out of rough sawn 3×2 inch wood and bought an external door casing. I stained the wood with a fence stain to protect it and change the colour.


The polycarbonate windows were ordered off ebay. They are said to be up to 300 times stronger than normal glass, twice as light and better for heat within the green house.

unnamed-15They came pre cut to standard greenhouse size (4 foot by two foot in this case) and are cheaper than glass too. I found the polycarbonate sheeting easiest to cut to size with a good quality pair of tin snips. I didn’t go for fancy plastic channels, plugs etc to house the windows in but preferred to make window reveals out of 2×1 batons and enclose the glass within the reveals with half inch beading.

unnamed-32I also used self adhesive flashing tape.unnamed-33

I sealed the upwards end of the twin wall 4mm polycarbonate sheeting with waterproof tape and the bottom end with the same but with pin holes pricked in to allow breathing for condensation etc.


I am venting the green house by inserting closeable venters in the soffit and by simply opening the front door, when I fit that this week. It has taken me four days in total, at a leisurely pace.


Not bad eh?!



As for the produce, now that the danger of frost has abated I have been furiously sowing and planting out and the plants are growing quickly now. This is one of the most exciting times of the year, with my food emerging from the ground and increasing in size towards the summer when it will be harvested for the table.


These are courgettes having emerged above ground just one day ago!


Runner beans and French beans are also beginning to appear.


Strawberries are beginning to flower ready for Wimbledon.


My climbing peas are accelerating vertically.


I have sewn spring onions. This year opting for a variety called Deep Purple!


My potatoes in pots have already been earthed up twice and my sweet potatoes (this year’s new vegetable down on the urban farm) are growing well, too.


unnamed-25I haven’t neglected flora at all. Apart from making the garden a place of beauty, flowers are essential for attracting bees and those other pollinators, so essential to growing fruit and veg.

unnamed-23My hanging baskets and flower containers are well stocked now, ready for the stunning beauty of Spring and Summer.

climbing nasturtiums to add beauty to the garden, provide tasty salad leaves, adible flowers and 'poor man's capers' from the seeds. They also attract caterpillars etc who prefer them to eating your veg!

climbing nasturtiums to add beauty to the garden, provide tasty salad leaves, adible flowers and ‘poor man’s capers’ from the seeds. They also attract caterpillars etc who prefer them to eating your veg!

The tomatoes are housed in the new green house, along with the chilli plants. I have also added the work surface from my old kitchen as a new work bench.


unnamed-21unnamed-30A very exciting growing year in prospect!


Another addition to the garden this year is this lovely sweet cherry ‘Stella’. This fruit tree was given to us as a wedding gift by Paul and Jenny Marsden, two of our RLPO friends. It is already flowering and promises to have some tasty fruits on it for us before long. We are growing it in a large pot for now.



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  1. Kaeli Ferguson says:

    Well done!!

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