RLPO In Perth!

RLPO Lorry In Perth

RLPO Lorry In Perth

On Sunday 25th May the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra made it’s first appearance at the Perth (Scotland) Festival of the Arts. Perth’s state of the art concert hall is one of the newest major concert halls in the UK.unnamed-7 unnamed-9

It is always nice to visit somewhere new: both to play for a new audience and also to see something different. The programme the orchestra offered would be Elgar ‘In The South (Alassio); Stewart Copeland ‘Poltroons In Paradise’ – percussion concerto and Prokofiev ‘Symphony No. 6’.

View from the hotel

View from the hotel

View from the hotel - the other way.

View from the hotel – the other way.

Perth is a beautiful town, and a former capital of Scotland. It is also home to the Castle Of Scone, original home of the famous ‘Stone’ at which Scottish Kings were traditionally crowned. The original Stone is officially in Edinburgh Castle, but rumours persist that the genuine ‘Stone’ is secretly held by Scottish independence enthusiasts awaiting the coming of a new genuine King of Scots origin. Unlikely, perhaps, but who knows…


The Concert Hall – Perth


The churches are beautiful and the town has something reassuringly traditional about it. A sporran shop was adjoining the hotel, for instance.


From the look of the posters we were in good company at this festival. Top choir, The Sixteen were on the agenda after us and Mnozil Brass, the Austrian Ensemble taking the whole world by storm, were on the day after. I was especially taken by the 60s nostalgia bill with ‘Scouse’ group ‘Gerry And The Pacemakers’ and P.J. Proby ( I remembered for being famous for splitting his trousers live on television – a first?).


I spent some time after the concert walking these auld streets on marvelling at some of the names…

Another view from the hotel

Another view from the hotel

… and marvelling at the beautiful Tayside view. I found a wonderful and now essential tour bus multi-tool, in ALDI – £1.79! Bargain!unnamed-10

I bumped into several members of the RLPO afterwards looking for a late night drink and a bite to eat. Here is Principal Horn Tim Jackson enjoying a rathe large sausage after an especially fine Prokofiev 6th Symphony!


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2 Responses to RLPO In Perth!

  1. Gordon Wightman says:

    Palace of Scone not Stone, Brendan. The famous Stone, by the way, is in Edinburgh Castle and only a replica in Scone. But a fine concert on Radio 3.

    • brendanball says:

      Yes Gordon, I did correct Stone to Scone earlier; once I had read the post. I did know about the ‘Stone’ being elsewhere, after watching an episode of Hamish Macbeth years ago! Must do better, eh? 😉

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