Brendan’s Next Solo Gig…

Tomorrow, I will be travelling with the Delia Darlings to The Arts Centre in Norwich, East Anglia.


Geth Griffith and I will be performing ‘The Consequences of Falling’, by international award winning composer and wordsmith Ailis Ni Riain.

Composer Ailis Ni Riain

Composer Ailis Ni Riain

Inspired by the music of Delia Derbyshire, the work is scored in four movements for trumpet and double bass; and has been described as a, “…Deranged, diabolic, roller-coaster ride.” It is certainly a busy piece, with many twists and turns, presenting the sternest challenge for both performers. We will be imitating two tape machines, similar to those Delia would have had to employ in the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. For the majority of the work we deliberately struggle to stay in time with each other but occasionally the music is written to have us fall out of synchronisation, too. The music will be accompanied by live visual artist Andrea Pazos.


Maybe we will see some  readers there tomorrow night!

Kick-off at 8pm


The auspicious event will involve:

Screening of the award-winning documentary The Delian Mode by Kara Blake;

3 music commissions inspired by the Delia Derbyshire Archive by Ailís Ní Ríain (with trumpeter Brendan Ball of The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and Geth Griffiths on double-bass), Caro C and Daniel Weaver.

composer Daniel Weaver

composer Daniel Weaver

To an Independent Listener – a 45 minute audio-visual collage of Delia Derbyshire archive material by Delia Derbyshire researcher David Butler and film maker Sarah Hill;

Caro C

Caro C

Live music will be accompanied by a digital visual art commission by Andrea Pazos.

Delia Derbyshire

Delia Derbyshire

Look out for us in the Autumn at the Oxford Contemporary Music Festival!

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3 Responses to Brendan’s Next Solo Gig…

  1. Derek says:

    Wow, you’re in Norwich tomorrow! I live there but am on my way back to Liverpool on Thursday which has become my second home not least because of the RLPO. Adnams produce some fine beer, enjoy!

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