Satchmo Syndrome!

From time to time I post ailments which afflict brass. This condition was published today in the medical journal RIGHT DIAGNOSIS. It was named after the great trumpeter Louis Armstrong who suffered a great deal with this complaint. I hope that posting these articles on here may lead to a sufferer or two getting the help they need…

Diseases » Satchmo syndrome » Introduction

Satchmo syndrome

Satchmo syndrome: Introduction

Satchmo syndrome: Tearing of the lipmuscle that can occur in musicians who play brass or wind instruments. More detailed information about the symptomscauses, and treatments of Satchmo syndrome is available below.

Symptoms of Satchmo syndrome


  • Impaired ability to play brass or wind instruments
  • Reduced strength of lip muscle
  • Reduced agility of lip muscle
  • Lip muscle weakness when pouting
  • Lip discomfort
  • more symptoms…»

Satchmo syndrome: Related Patient Stories

Causes of Satchmo syndrome

Read more about causes of Satchmo syndrome.

Satchmo syndrome: Research Doctors & Specialists

Research related physicians and medicalspecialists:

Other doctor, physician and specialist research services:

Satchmo syndrome: Animations

Satchmo syndrome: Broader Related Topics

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