A Trip Down Memory Lane…

Liverpool Philharmonic Hall is currently going through a major refurbishment and has just reopened to the public. The RLPO performed their opening concerts last week. The front of house facilities and the concert hall are just about finished but the work to the back stage areas is continuing and should be ready by next June. This will all be finished in our 175th anniversary year. Coincidentally that will also coincide with the 75th anniversary of the hall and it will be twenty years since the last major refurbishment. Here is the grand reopening gala concert from the last renovation…10271250_855375054506685_4810092508861254230_o

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1 Response to A Trip Down Memory Lane…

  1. Robin Bloxsidge says:

    Remember that well – though so long ago, it seems like yesterday! The new refurbishment is much better than the last one in my opinion.

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