Busy Day At The Office…


A musical hospital chef – he used to play in the Youth Orchestra!

Monday was a busy day for Chris Morley (Bumper French Horn), Simon Cowen (Section Leader Trombone) and myself. The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra had a day off but, as they say, there is no rest for the wicked! Our trio spent five hours in Aintree Hospital, the biggest in Europe, to entertain the hardworking staff there. The Paul Hamlyn Foundation has donated £250,000 to The Phil.unnamed-20 The proviso to the very generous donation is that the money is to be spent encouraging new audiences from either disadvantaged backgrounds and those on incomes that are not generous who wouldn’t normally come to events at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. We play music and our staff sign up the hospital workers to receive free tickets for themselves and their friends and family. Champion!unnamed-22This is the third day we have spent in hospitals, the trio having already performed in Liverpool Royal Hospital and Broad Green Hospital. The scheme, called Leap Into Live Music, has proven to be a big success and we will be giving more performances.

As is five hours playing wasn’t enough already for one day, we then went to Liverpool United Reformed Church to give a concert with Greenalls Brass Band to raise money for charity for the Liverpool Rotary Club. I turned out to be the guest soloist and played Percy Code’s ‘Zelda’ to a packed house…unnamed-19

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Professional Trumpeter: Soloist, Orchestra Player, Chamber Music, Contemporary Music & Education.
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1 Response to Busy Day At The Office…

  1. Robin Bloxsidge says:

    Great project and hope you gluttons for work enjoy yourselves on these gigs!

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