Clora Bryant With Trumpet…


Clora Bryant – Her Life Story

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Professional Trumpeter: Soloist, Orchestra Player, Chamber Music, Contemporary Music & Education.
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11 Responses to Clora Bryant With Trumpet…

  1. Jazz says:

    WRONG . . . NOT BILLIE !

  2. Kaeli Ferguson says:

    As a vocalist I love her voice and as a trumpeter it’s very gratifying to see her with a trumpet! Doubly great!

  3. Are you sure this is an authentic picture of Billie Holiday? This pic is obviously from the mid 50s to early 1960 according to the cars. She looks extremely young for being in her 50s. The eyes do look like her but I’m thinking this isn’t her…

  4. reaganitegoper says:

    That’s not her

  5. brendanball says:

    Anyone know who it is?

  6. mario says:


  7. brendanball says:

    Right, we’ll go with Clora Bryant then!

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