A Musical Announcement!


It is 12 months since Chat Brass got together and gave a concert in St. Joseph’s church which was a great success. This year we are giving another concert in St. Joseph’s Hall on Chapel Street on Monday 25th May at 2:30.

We do this on a voluntary basis and any monies made at this event go to the upkeep of St. Joseph’s Hall. A venue that is used by many local people.

Chat Brass have no set musical philosophy or pre-determined musical genre. We are brass musicians of various capabilities and backgrounds who are motivated by a desire to make music and enjoy the experience.

The group grew out a desire to play Christmas music three years ago and such was the success the group has attracted a growing number of players from both the professional and the amateur worlds to meet together and make music for their own and the audiences enjoyment.

The group have a regular core of key players who help to organise the concerts, this is done purely for the love of making music and the friendship it engenders

Please come along and support … there will be a bar and seating will be informal … so you can enjoy a pint at the same time as being entertained.

About brendanball

Professional Trumpeter: Soloist, Orchestra Player, Chamber Music, Contemporary Music & Education.
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