Trumpet News !


A comment from uber horn player David Pigott on seeing the above, “… With my blocked ears I could do with one of these immediately!”


Click on this text to Out Trump Donald Trump!


I would just like to announce that the blog is back in business.


I have had a rest for more or less a year really, to recharge my batteries but after many enquiries, complaints and debates I have decided to renew and reinvigorate the site.


Many of the old popular formats will remain but I’m looking forward to new adventures, new discussion and not necessarily just about trumpet playing either!


There has been a lot of news which needs to be told and I’m certain there will be plenty to come.


I’m not sure what changes will take place exactly, at the moment of writing but they will be numerous and a general refreshment of


will soon evolve into place.


This will still be my scrapbook for what is going on, what has been and announcements of what is ahead.


¡ Stay in tune !


About brendanball

Professional Trumpeter: Soloist, Orchestra Player, Chamber Music, Contemporary Music & Education.
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3 Responses to Trumpet News !

  1. David Pigott says:

    With my blocked ears I could do with one of these immediately!

  2. frenchhorn2015 says:


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