Weimann Trumpets…

Weimann rotary trumpets are currently the talk of the trumpet fraternity worldwide.


I don’t personally own one at the moment but I am seriously considering investing in one of their beautiful  Deutsch C-Trompeten.c_classico_big-1920x1289.jpg

Alexander Weimann, a master craftsman of  brass instrument manufacture since 1989, has had his own workshop  in Kapellendorf, a village near Weimar in Thuringia, Germany, since 1994.

The pathway to achieving his determined ambition of a first self-built instrument was long and difficult, but in 2003 the first WEIMANN was ready.


Andrew Connell-Smith from Scotland with his new b-passion last week with us in chapels village.


Link To Weimann Brass


Alexander has been developing new trumpets and flugelhorns since then and is trying to make the existing portfolio of instruments even more perfect and also to make everything bespoke to the customers wishes.


Although demand is still rising, WEIMANN trumpets are still made precisely and lovingly by hand.


Peter Bond, co-Principal Trumpet, Metropolitan Opera New York, is really excited about our new separated trigger for the 1st and 3rd slide, which was his idea.


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