Canadian Brass Play ‘Strobe’ By Deadmau5

The boys from the legendary Canadian Brass sent me this today…

“Strobe” by Deadmau5, arranged for Canadian Brass by Chris Coletti, trumpet

Recorded at the York School in May, 2013, released in Jan, 2017 in celebration of Canada’s 150 Anniversary.

Players: Caleb Hudson, Chris Coletti, Eric Reed, Achilles Liarmakopoulos, Chuck Daellenbach with special guest, Mike Herriott on jazz trumpet (Opening Day Entertainment Artist)

Session Producers: Willis Daellenbach and MB Daellenbach
Recording Engineers: Willis Daellenbach, Fabio Migotto, Rob Divito
Videographers: Christian Byrne and Austin Hitchcock
Stills: Christian Byrne, Kevin Tureski, Ian Johns of The York School

Mix Producer, Electronic Programming & Mix Engineer: Trey Mills
Video Editing: Justin Wiesinger for Intrinsic Media Group Trey Mills
Video Producer: Trey Mills

Director and Executive Producer: MB Daellenbach

The York School:
– Conor Jones – Head of School
– Hallie McClelland – Executive Director of Advancement (2013)
– Fabio Biagiarelli – Chair of Music Department
– Ian Johns and the support staff

Many thanks to The York School for their support of this project, for opening their doors on a weekend, and for enabling us experiment with this unique collaboration and crossover of genres.

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Professional Trumpeter: Soloist, Orchestra Player, Chamber Music, Contemporary Music & Education.
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